Get the Wedding Gown of your Dreams

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Custom Wedding Gowns by Vessels of Glory

A wedding gown is something a bride has dreamed up ever since they were little. Sometimes the vision inside your head can’t be found in a bridal store. If you’re leaning towards getting a custom designed wedding dress, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Be ready to pay for custom – custom dresses are personalized to you so the cost might be more than dresses at a bridal boutique. You are paying for more than a dress, you are paying for one on one service and details to make your ideal dress.

More Fittings – expect to have more fittings than a retail bridal shop. The designer will most likely want to walk with you through the design process so be prepared to present a detailed picture of what you have in mind. Be patient with the process because the result will be worth it.

Nothing is perfect – Visions in our head are great, but they usually are unrealistic. Be lenient with the designer if they don’t get the picture in your head down to perfection. Have realistic expectations and everyone will win.

Getting a custom gown is worth it in the end. You will have a gown unlike anyone else and it will be completely unique to you. To make your wedding dress dreams come to life with an excellent designer contact Anneta Price at Vessels of Glory.