Size Chart



Use Our Charts For A Perfect Fit:



Bust:   Measure your bust at the fullest part and take the measurement in front
    with one finger between body and bra.
Waist:   Bend to one side to find the natural crease of your waist.
    Then, standing straight, make sure the tape fits securely yet comfortably
    around your waist. Allow one finger between your body and the tape.
Hips:   Approximately 8″ below the waist, measure around the fullest point of
    your hip (lower body).
Pant length:   Measure along the inner thigh leg seam from crotch seam to hem edge.
(Inseam)   Ours usually measure approximately 30″.
Skirt lengths:       Measure below waist or waistband straight down to hem:
    (See chart below for more information:
Arm length:   This measurement is taken from the edge of the shoulder to the edge
    of the wrist. (Arm must be straight when taking the measurement.)



—–   6 8 10 12 14 16   18 20 22 24
BUST   34-34½ 35-35½ 36-36½ 37½-38 39-39½ 40½-41   42½-43 44½-45 46½-47 48½-49
WAIST   26-26½ 27-27½ 28-28½ 29½-30 31-31½ 32½-33   34½-35 36½-37 38½-39 40½-41
HIPS   37-37½ 38-38½ 39-39½ 40½-41 42-42½ 43½-44   45½-46 47½-48 49½-50 51½-52




MEASURE! Even if you think you know your measurements, you might be surprised.

  • Measure over the undergarments you’ll wear with the item.
  • Keep the tape measure straight and snug, not tight.
  • If possible, have someone else measure you – it’s more accurate.